How The Internet Aided Many During The Pandemic 

In 2020, the start of the new year was rough. The world faced a global pandemic. Covid-19 was spreading like butter on bread. Offices, schools, and other facilities had to take drastic measures and shut down their ongoing work to ensure the safety of many. And this created chaos. However, everything had soon resumed taking place online. 



How did the internet allow schools, offices, and shops to take place online?

Video calls.

When the pandemic first came about, no one knew what would happen and how our world would get back to normal. However, this is when it was seen, using the internet for work purposes was the best idea.


As the risk was too high for people to meet physically, many offices decided to inform their employees to conduct online meetings via video call applications. Schools had also used this tactic by asking teachers and students to contact each other via audio or video calls. It seemed to be an effective way of communication and aided many organizations instantly. 


Online stores 

Shops had also forced to shut down as customers would no longer show up without taking serious health measures. For example 

  • Wearings masks 
  • Carrying hand sanitizers 
  • Cleaning every handle before touch 
  • Constantly washing hands 


And this soon became inconvenient. So, shopkeepers decided to broadcast their products online and sell them via eCommerce. And this proved to be extremely successful. People instantly began to make use of this opportunity and bought what they wanted conveniently. And shopkeepers ensured hygiene standards so that no one’s health was at risk. 



As reviewed, it was seen that the internet influenced the pandemic and made it a lot easier for people than what could have gone down. Unlike the last pandemic in 1918, due to the influenza virus. People were still active in their work.