The World Wide Web has become an information wasteland. Wandering the wasteland leaves you often with confusion and frustration. But still, once in a while you come upon a site which has all the information you are looking for. It is like coming upon a rose in a wasteland. To help you remember the location of the roses you found, Rosegardens offers you a browser independent bookmark solution with free online storage. To see whether Rosegarden is the right tool for you, visit this example Rosegarden.


Free Online Service
Rosegarden is a online solution to organize your bookmarks. It is a free service.
Browser independence
Rosegardens with all modern browsers and future web standards compliant browser. No more importing and exporting.
You have access to your bookmarks wherever you have Internet access.
Offline feeling
You can easily make an offline copy of your Rosegarden and make it your browser's home page. Thus, when you work with Rosegarden, you will feel like you work with an Offline application.
No installation or upgrade procedures
New features are added automatically as soon as you update your Rosegarden.
Full Unicode support, use chinese, japanese or any other script.
Import your bookmarks.


Rosegarden is targeted to work with any web standards compliant browsers. You can easily check whether it works in your browser by visiting the example Rosegarden.

Read this page in Armenian. Thanks, Karen Mgebrova!



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